Saturday, December 28, 2013

Next year is here

I had several things to finish in time for Christmas, but now that I have its time to start planning new quilts. I've started on my first ever quilt for the doll quilters monthly group and I'm liking it so far. the theme is try something new so I'm doing a new to me technique :)

I'm also starting to think about ideas (the top contender currently is a triangle quilt) for a rainbow scrap project for the rainbow scrap chalange 2014 January's colour is blue
Here are some example pics I found
This one is from
Or this one from

I'm still working on my charming rainbow quilt based off of flutter.kat's quilt <>

Here's the purple block

And light green

I'm working on a scrappy trip around the world quilt 
(well more like I have one block done of many but I'm well pleased so far

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The home stretch

As Christmas gets closer I'm finishing up the last few projects and one that I didn't think I'd finish for my Mum, I likely will! :) I used the pattern for the Snow Happens table runner

I made a few modifications and came up with this… 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New FO quilts!

I got my log cabin quilt back from the long arm shop…
really love how it turned out! You can see it here on the back of the couch. Also I finished the elk hanging I was working on for my dad 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Quilt show haul

Today I went to the Sew Original Quilt and Creative Expo in Lincoln, NE.

There were lots of venders there with all different types of things… and new ideas for projects were easy to find. I easily parted with my money for some fabric and patterns.

There were lots of quilts on display too  and I thought I'd post some of my favourites.

 First some landscape style

The next 3 are from the exhibit Showcase of "The Mother Road" which were all Route 66 themed 

There were also some very cool quilts from an exhibit called Old Quilts Made New which took old quilt tops that were never quilted or  where the batting/ backing  were damaged and redid them with   New batting baking fabrics and binding. This was my favourite of those

There were lots of other quilts too which were great inspiration in terms of style design and colours.

UFO no more

What started here…

has now become…

It's a Christmas decoration! (a small table topper or a door hanging maybe) as I was originally planning to hang this on a glass door I wanted to make the back cool too … so I made it a crazy quilt
And look it's Jack the Lad approved ;)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Remind me

Sometimes it's fun to look back on old projects. 
I was reminded of this yesterday when I pulled out an old quilt (it's starting to turn cold here.)
This was a quilt I made a few years ago and honestly I see some mistakes and imperfections but the overall feeling is fun and lively. So glad I took the time to have a look at it as I pulled it out. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Waste not want not- a thanksgiving quilt

Yesterday I offered to host the family thanksgiving here… I am exited but the first thing I thought was "I have no thanksgiving decorations!"  The next thing was "I'll make a table runner." 

but I needed something quick and easy as I have so many things going and this will only be used for a short window( although now I'm really liking it and may keep it out longer!)

This quilt was an exercise in being thankful for what you have(its a thanksgiving quilt after all ;)) and what I have are a whole lot of scraps.

Whenever I finish a project I cut whatever fabrics i have left into 2.5 inch strips and throw them in a bin. there is no organization whatsoever, some strips are long, some short, all colours together anything goes… as long as its 2.5 inches wide. 
To start this project  I picked a bunch of "fall" coloured strips from the bin 

I cut them to sizes I liked and sewed them end to end  on a diagonal 
Then I folded the strip in half right sides together and sewed along one side
When you get to the end cut the strip along the fold and sew to the end
Repeat the same process of folding the strip in half and sewing down the edge until you get to a size you like I stopped after only 3 folds ending at a size ~ 16x60 I trimmed up the edges…

and now my top is done! And all from scraps: waste not, want not.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Current project- misty morning elk

One of the projects I've been working on is a landscape style quilt based on a photo I took in Yellowstone this summer.

As my first real foray into appliqué I was nervous but I'm so pleased with the outcome! Here it is so far

And I've threads to deal with and haven't fully worked out a plan for the boarders but yes I'm pleased!