Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tutorial For Newbee quilt bee hive #8 April

The block I've chosen is called "Road to Oklahoma" this one will be done in 4 colours and be a 12" finished block size:

The first step is to gather the fabrics,

please use 1 white or white on white fabric (A) and 3 "rainbow" coloured fabrics (B,C, and D)

Secondly cut your fabrics

From fabric A cut a strip 3.5" x 15"

From Fabric B cut another 3.5" x 15" strip

From fabric B cut (2) 3.5" squares

Also from fabric B cut (2) 4.5" squares

From fabrics C and D cut (1) 4.5" square each

Also from fabrics C and D cut (1) 3.5" square each

You should have these pieces now

Sew the 2 strips together and then sub-cut into (4) 3.5" sections

Sew the sections together into (2)           4-patch units and set 

Next sew your half square triangles
Place one of your larger squares of fabric B on top of the larger square fabric C and mark a diagonal line from corner to corner. Sew 1/4" on either side of the line cut down the center, on the marked line. then press and trim down to 3.5" the HSTs and repeat with the other square and fabric D

Sew these together with the 3.5" squares to form the star points

Join the 4 sections making sure the white chain runs along the block

Admire your work! You did an awesome job!